Little Egg

145.00 €

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What was first? The egg or Tarex? The egg is a very neutral target and you can put it together with the big egg and Tarex. The egg could be paired in difference groups. The egg has two killzones. The killzones are on the front- and backsite. The killzones are confirm of the IFAA-rules.

We produce our targets with a longlife flexible floam. The floam stop every bow until 60 lbs and have got the self-healing property. You can put out your bow very easy from our targets. Our targets are durable because our material very weatherproof. Every target is an unique because we paint it by hand.

  1. dimension (l x w x h): 230 mm x 230 mm x 280mm
  2. weight: 2 kg
  3. IFAA-category: 4
  4. type: realistic